Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Fusion of Confusion.

AmeriCorps training was intense and engaging, but we were all suffering from the same symption-- question compounding. We gained more questions than answers, and we were all sort of in a state of uncertainty.
While we knew our specific corps (Civil War 150, Tech and Preservation Corps) and our locations, we generally were left wondering what we were really going to do? Perhaps our assumptions or expectations were holding us hostage.
My experiences have given me the objective wonderment... meaning while like everyone else I have assumptions I don't have hang ups. I am willing to fly-by-the-seat of my pants, and luckily for me, we were all flying at warp speed.
We completed a hardcore training weekend, which in itself was full of insightful content.
After several days inside the brutalist Ohio History building with mammoth company, we emerged from the windowless interior with exciting potential and limitless possibility.
We were all set forth with one similar mission to build capacity between our site locations and community while engaging ourselves and others in volunteerism.

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