Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And the Adventure Begins...

Stars aligned and my journey begun.
I made it down to the Ohio Historical Society in Columbus, Ohio for my AmeriCorps training.
It was intense but amazing.
There were more than a dozen of us, new team members, and all still a little in a state of shock.
What were we doing?
Some professionals, some students, some from in-state, others from out-of-state, and all of us willing to take the next eleven months out of our lives to make things happen... for ourselves and for others.
The beauty of this whole experience is that it is based out of the willingness to sacrifice and volunteer. To spend hours devoted to personal passions, and be able to keep your lights on in the meantime!
Personally, before becoming a team member I was working a sorta-full-time job as an event florist with noncompetitive wage and uncertain hours. My devotion to the study and field of Historic Preservation was something I thought about continually, but I was retrained to only have time to dedicate to it during school hours--eight hours per week. This is just not enough time to make anything happen other than to feel trapped in a relentless cycle of the daily grind.
Now with this position with AmeriCorps, I would be able to devote my full attention to my personal interest and career objective-- amazing!
My fellow members of the Ohio History Corps were about to begin making change.

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