Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congratulations... You're in!

Sometime things just happened. I was browsing the Nation Trust for Historic Preservation's website when I first found the listing for a historic survey position in Cleveland, Ohio. I thought to myself in a screaming inner voice, "What? Could it really be? A funded position doing exactly what I am studying!" Indeed, there was a position open, and it was just for me.
You know, we are taught to be both optimistic but realistic, and the majority of the time as we mature the realism puts a pessimistic tone on everything. Even though in my gut, I knew that this was a kismet experience about to occur, I kept stressing that I wasn't going to be given the opportunity.
After several interviews, and an application process to join AmeriCorps... I received one of the best phone calls of my adult life.
"Congratulations... You're in!"
I had two days to finish my obligations with my current job, make arrangements for my children and family to survive without me, and travel to Columbus for a weekend of training.
My head was reeling, and I still was shaking with a feeling of amazement... I was about to begin a fast-paced adventure that will change my life.

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