Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here Ye', Here Ye', Let it be Known.

Last night I presented to the Student Historic Preservation Association at Ursuline College.

I am a graduate student at Ursuline, and I am also representing the Ohio History Service Corps AmeriCorps program. At times, it is lots of hats to wear, but comes along with the career and life path that I am on. Not to mention, I like excessive accessories.

Topics that I covered were not only SHPA's role for the students, but also the students ability to join the Ohio History Service Corps as volunteer members of the Preservation Corps.

I hope that I inspired my fellow students to participate in both SHPA and OHSC AmeriCorps' Preservation Corps.

Providing potential volunteers with pertinent information is really difficult.

I was wondering if any of you readers have suggestions?

How do you present a large project to a group, without overwhelming them with too many details, but suggest enough that they are interested and well informed?

Tomorrow I am presenting to the Honor Society at Tri-C West Campus.

Thanks to my fellow SHPA member's trial run last night, I do feel like I will be better able to be concise and direct about what I want them to do. It is difficult to suggest to people that they should do something without being over persistent. Hopefully, I am building this project in a way that makes people want to join in.

After all, this project is for the city of Cleveland, and it will only really work if new people become involved and old-hands at preservation to develop and pass on this knowledge.

Also, if you can donate, or know an area business that would like to donate: gift cards, discount coupons, small items for volunteer gift raffles... it would be great of you to pass on this contact information to me or pass mine along to them.

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