Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It is interesting how things in Cleveland always lead towards Twinkies.
Today I found a circa 1890's postcard that stated "the south side library: clark and w.20th".
This was of interest to me, because I am researching Scranton Road in Cleveland, and the Public Library that stands on the corner of Scranton and Clark, which wasn't built until 1911.
So, the research begun.
Turns out the building was located on the former W.20th Place, now Twinkie Lane. I can't confirm that the building was a library, but I can confirm that it was flour storage in 1912 for the Star Baking Company.
Star Baking transferred hands and eventually made Twinkies.
Voila, welcome to Cleveland.
Sadly, the flour building is gone, but the remnants of an 1920-ish commercial building remains.

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