Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just a thought...

Major Jackson's Campaign Promises

Just a little interesting to consider what Mayor Frank Jackson listed on his re-election campaign.
One of the top public service priorities lists, "Continue record-setting pace of condemned structure demolition and increase programming to rehabilitate houses that should be saved."

Yet, there is no preservation plan to decide what constitutes what "should be saved". Mind you, it is now 2012 and the campaign is from 2009.

There are intriguing plans for creating green industries, but little green industries occurring. I think most of the unemployed residents surrounding greater Cleveland are still waiting for those ever promised green collar jobs.

The amusing part, well sickly humorous aspect, is that given that Jackson tooted the need for record-setting demolitions, funding for the preservation end of the city is rapidly decreasing and little power given to its already existing, Landmarks Commission.

It seems that the plan should read, a future for a homogenized and  new poorly constructed Cleveland.

How does a City foster green industries? Well, it certainly doesn't do this by the demolition of its already existing resources. Since, a rapid plan for demolition is not a sustainable action.

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