Friday, October 14, 2011

McLuhan's Verbi-Voco-Visual Explorations

"There was never a critical situation created by human ingenuity which did not contain its own solution", Marshall McLuhan, Verbi-Voco-Visual Exploration, (New York: Something Else Press, INC, 1967), 15.

"For nearly a century we have employed reconstruction as historical method. Instead of a view of the past we simply re-create a model of it", 15.

"Our tendency has been to make possible the coexistence of all cultures and also of all pasts. But this means that we can also anticipate the efects of all our present actions and technology. What we must know in order to achieve this is the fact that the media of communication are not mere catalysts but have their own physics and chemistry which enter into every moment of social alchemy and change," 15.

"When all kinds of information flowed slowly in a society, educational irrelevance could be corrected by self-education and by individual brilliance. That won't work today." 15

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